Teapot on Tour

Where will your Teapot take you?

Most people enjoy tea with friends and family wherever, and whenever they like. Maybe in a comfy armchair, or in a noisy cafe, perhaps in the garden, or on the train. Tea drinking, in my opinion, is not only a social past-time, but a social habit. I use the word ‘habit’ here very deliberately of course, as it’s often without even taking a second thought that we offer guests to our houses a cup of tea, or invite friends out for a cuppa, or head to the kitchen during a tough day at work.

Maybe it’s that tea invites conversation – chitter chatter or the deeper kind – or that we tend to be around people when tea is called for. Either way, life would be a little less colourful without it, and feel much less connected.

The trusty tea-pot is the ultimate symbol for all of this conversation and ‘togetherness’. And so, the idea for ‘Teapot on Tour’ was born.

Teapot on Tour is an excuse to be adventurous with our teas. To let our teapots take us somewhere new.

So, where will your teapot take you?

Snap your teapot

Take a photo of your teapot on tour – in front of a momument, in a beautiful place, at at friend’s house, in the car, on the beach… the quirkier/more adventurous the better!

Use it to connect with other tea lovers, or just give a little shout out here or there. Hey, you don’t even have to own a teapot or leave your home if you don’t want to, ‘Teapot on Tour’ is an ephemeral idea to get people connecting over tea.

So join me in celebrating our tea caddying friends – it would make my day if you would take a photo of your teapot and share on social media in some way. Use the hashtag #TeapotOnTour and mention me if you can, you’ll find me on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, links below.

See you on the road!

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Teapot on Tour - Mostly just for fun!