“I’ll stick to what I know”

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I encounter this from time to time, most recently at work. Now the reason I am dedicated a WHOLE blog post to this seemingly uneventful exchange, is that I think it sparks a number of interesting human traits worth exploring further. First of all, I commend my colleague for being honest and up-front. He didn’t want to try my new …

The Importance of Lunch

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It’s been a busy morning. In between the general admin and important tasks of the day, its been pretty much non-stop for me since 6am. It’s now about 1.30pm and this is the first time I’ve properly sat down all day. Long live lunch breaks! That said, what you do with your lunch break can be very different from day …

Organic Misty Green Tea Review

Organic Misty Green Tea Review

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Light and refreshing, the sweetness of the leaves from this organic green tea come through in a wave of aftertaste, with the floral notes hinting at something very delicate in the way the leaves have been processed. This tea is one of my favourite green teas at the moment, as it’s easy to drink and can improve any mood I’m …

Oolong Silvertip Review

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I love a good oolong. This oolong silvertip is the kind that is hand picked, the leaves come whole and you can imagine just how carefully the buds have been plucked from the Camellia Sinensis plant. Generally from the high mountain plantations of Taiwan, oolong teas often have a character that is delicate, yet layered. The leaves are large enough …

golden monkey tea review

Golden Monkey Tea Review

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I absolutely love teas that have interesting names, and golden monkey tea is by far one of my favourites! The prettiest of twisted dried leaves make shapes resembling monkey tales, which of course makes me imagine little characters jumping from tree to tree, cup of tea balanced carefully in hand… if monkeys were to drink tea, I think they’d choose …

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Letting off Steam

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Everyone needs to let off steam from time to time, but it doesn’t tend to result in a lasting reputation. For the Renault Formula 1 team however, their 1977 debut gained them notoriety for their car, the ‘Yellow Teapot’. It was affectionately dubbed so by then team bos Ken Tyrrell, due to it’s emitting plumes of steam during various practice …